The history of sneakers: a look at sneakerblog
You probably own at least a dozen sneakers. Sneakers, sneakers, tennis shoes, moccasins, slippers, or whatever you call them - sports shoes have left their mark on our lives since…

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History and Technology of Mizuno Running Shoes
Mizuno is a Japanese company with over 100 years of history. The brothers Rihati and Rizo Mizuno founded it in Osaka in 1906. At first, the company produced baseball equipment,…

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10 facts about sneakers that no one knew
You can have a full wardrobe, but are you good at it? Every industry has interesting things going on behind the scenes. Things that have a hidden meaning and are…

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Kendrick Lamar Final Red and Blue Reebok

At last! Today Reebok announced that it is starting a new collaboration with renowned rapper Kendrick Lamar. The mini-collection as part of the collaboration will be called “Red and Blue”. The main thing is that a start has been made, but we hope that the collaboration between Reebok and Kendrick Lamar will not end there.

Kendrick said: “Based on my experience with Reebok in the past, I want to create a product that will convey a message to my fans. This message should inspire and create unity for young people. At Compton, we said mixing red and blue makes green. At that time as “green” in my area usually means money, I want to change this association. This shoe model will be a new definition of “green” – the growth of society. If we work together, we can break stereotypes and succeed. ” Continue reading

Nike Total Orange Running Shoes

Here it is the main news of this fall. Sports brand Nike Air presents the most anticipated novelty of the season for its running line of sneakers. A truly amazing design and an impressive price awaits fans of the new one. For those who want to update their autumn wardrobe, this pair of running shoes is perfect. The top of the sneakers is made of high strength nylon fabric.

The fabric has an excellent and rather unusual quilted design for sports sneakers. The Nike Air Footscape Motion running shoe model is available in two colors. Continue reading

Adidas Originals

New Balance never rests on its laurels, creating new cool and stylish releases. The new release of New Balance 574 consists of several pairs of running shoes in different colors, the same design. New Balance designers combined these three pairs with a single design called “Breathe deeper.” This name is directly associated with morning runs when we especially want to breathe deeper into the fresh, cool morning air.

Sneakers are made of lightweight, breathable materials and are light in weight, which is what New Balance brand particularly focuses on. Lightweight sneakers developed using special technology specially created by New Balance are ideal for jogging or playing sports outdoors. Continue reading

The first sneakers from sports ADIDAS and the famous player James Harden

Almost a year later, the famous American basketball player James Harden stopped his collaboration with the Nike brand, where they produced sports shoes with his participation in the formation of model design.
More recently, it became known that James Harden has signed a new contract and now he is working with the sports brand Adidas. A few days ago saw the light a new pair of shoes together with Adidas called James Harden’s Vol.

1 Signature Shoes. This couple is just awesome and really very unusual. The more and longer you look at this pair, the more you can notice the unusual things. A conceptual, pink and gray rassrass, an elongated toe and an extraordinary silhouette, this is what James Harden’s Vol. Continue reading

Timberland - the birth of a legend. The story of the yellow boots
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Trekking shoes: types, purpose, forms, choice
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