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How to choose sneakers for a child

An adult can choose the right shoes based on their individual preferences. This is especially true of the case when we give preference to only one manufacturer. We will know in advance everything about the size and quality of shoes. But if an adult can choose everything quite easily, then some problems may arise with children during the choice.

Children cannot fully experience the level of comfort. They do not immediately understand how comfortable it is for them in a particular shoe, how certain sizes fit them. And that is why the selection process always rests on the shoulders of caring mothers and fathers. It often happens that children immediately turn their attention to colorful and bright shoes, because of what he wants, contrary to all objective beliefs and reasoning, exactly the shoes that first caught his eye.

The thing is that if the baby’s shoes are too big or tight, then the legs can be harmed. But parents do not wish bad for their children. An example is professional football players who, as adults, due to improperly selected sneakers in childhood, today have certain orthopedic problems. The selection process is complicated by adult and child priorities. Here you can not go about the children. It is important to make a compromise on the purchase.

The importance of choosing the right model and size of sneakers

Now we will talk about the competent choice of children’s sports shoes. The child will first of all pay attention to the appearance of the shoes, which would highlight him and demonstrate his status among peers. In most cases, even branded expensive sneakers that have a dull appearance do not pass the quote.

Here it is very important that the child understands what a particular model of sneakers is and what she can give him today and in a year. The child must understand that if the shoes are uncomfortable, but beautiful, then in the future this may affect his figure, posture and health. Try to give some examples of athletes who are authorities for the child. It is known that 98% of infants do not have any diseases or defects associated with the feet or spine.

But if the child wears the wrong shoes, then over time the foot will begin to deform, as the bones still develop. Therefore, if you are really worried about the health of the baby, consult a specialist regarding the right choice of shoes. Whether there is a need for an arch support or an orthopedic insole you will learn only from him.

What to look for in the appearance of shoes

Like it or not, but it always starts with their appearance. Parents should carefully study the condition of the seams, the presence of noticeable smears or inaccurate gluing. Check the materials that were used to make the chosen shoe model. Look at the quality of the laces and the fasteners. Are there soft elements in the ankles, is there a processing of slices. How shoes will provide air exchange.

Be sure to see how well the sole bends. You can not bend it in the middle, explore the place where it will bend during walking and running (the area near the fingers). Then check how elastic the materials that make up the upper part of the shoe are elastic. It is unacceptable for the fold to remain in wrinkles. If everything is fine here, then you can safely talk about the good quality and durability of the model that you just studied.

Sneakers should have a stiff heel. This is a particularly important factor on which the reliability of leg fixation depends. Check for protrusions as they can cause chafing.

Take care of the possibility of replacing the insole. So you can ensure proper care of the shoe. Seams should be visible under the insole. The insole will not allow the child to feel the seams, but they will prevent slippage and deformation. We are sure that now you can choose the right shoes for your child.

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