Pronation of the foot. How to determine?
When running, the human body is subjected to excessive stress, so it is extremely important to ensure an appropriate balance of depreciation and stability to reduce the risk of injury.…

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Nike Air Max: evolution of legendary sneakers for 27 years
March 26, 1987 a legend was born. Her name is Nike Air Max. Thanks to the innovation - special cuts in the sole, the invisible became visible, and the new…

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The history of the brand Air Jordan
The history of Air Jordans begins in 1984, at a time when Nike was a brand struggling for global leadership in the sports shoe market. At that time, the Nike…

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Adidas Stan Smith sneakers – model history

From use on tennis courts to the most popular model on the streets of fashionable capitals of the world. Adidas Stan Smith has come a long way. There is no doubt that Adidas Stan Smith is one of the most iconic models in the history of sports shoes. Sneakers with a sporting history have become classics for smart and casual style. The model is constantly updated, and the turn of designers and celebrities who want to offer their design for Stan Smith is off scale. In this article, we’ve put together everything you need to know about the ageless Adidas shoe model. Continue reading

The history of sneakers: a look at sneakerblog

You probably own at least a dozen sneakers. Sneakers, sneakers, tennis shoes, moccasins, slippers, or whatever you call them – sports shoes have left their mark on our lives since their inception in the early twentieth century. Today we look back to reproduce the chronology of the origin and transformation of this iconic shoe, to see how they achieved such popularity.

Charles Goodyear made rubber-soled shoes possible in 1839 when he invented the vulcanization process. The American inventor, who first conducted the vulcanization of rubber, a process that he discovered in 1839 and patented on June 3, 1844. Continue reading

10 facts about Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers

Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers were first released back in the early 20th century, but since then their appearance has not changed much (until recently). Chuck Taylor II, the new Converse line, which appeared on store shelves in late July 2016, is made of a slightly different material and is equipped with better foot support. But at the same time, the updated model is very similar to the original Converse Chuck Taylor. This is the most popular and best-selling Converse sneaker in the world. According to company estimates, over 500,000,000 pairs have already been sold in the history of Converse sneakers. Continue reading

Nike Air Technology – The History and Secrets of Technology Storage

Nike has been hiding one of its most terrible secrets right in front of our eyes for almost four decades. To keep secrets Nike has huge buildings behind brick facades in Beaverton, Oregon, where the patented AIR Nike technology was developed and is being improved. Another Nike plant, which is also one of the main innovation centers, according to some sources, is located in St. Louis, Missouri, and both of these giants are responsible for producing more than 3.5 billion Nike Air units each year. How does this mysterious process happen, many readers ask? First, let’s go back a bit and recall the story of the invention of the AIR block. Continue reading

The history of the brand Air Jordan

The history of Air Jordans begins in 1984, at a time when Nike was a brand struggling for global leadership in the sports shoe market. At that time, the Nike brand was known as a manufacturer of running shoes, a market that was slowly dying and reborn in a different look. In search of a way to enter new market segments, Nike turned their attention to an NBA rookie named Michael Jordan. At the time of the proposal, Michael had already preliminarily approved several other proposals, but Nike representatives felt that Jordan would help them turn the market around and were not going to abandon their idea. Initially, Michael Jordan hoped to sign a contract with Adidas or Converse, since he always loved these brands and went to the games in Converse sneakers, which he loved back when he was playing for the University of North Carolina. Continue reading

Psychologists about men's shoes: buy him sneakers or shoes?
True, it is interesting to guess the habits and characteristics of the character of men from the appearance of shoes alone ?! What secrets does men's shoes hide? We do…


Rules for the care of sports shoes
Good sports shoes will perform their functions and retain their properties only with proper care. Professional running shoes for running and other sports are usually made of synthetic materials and…


Adidas Originals
New Balance never rests on its laurels, creating new cool and stylish releases. The new release of New Balance 574 consists of several pairs of running shoes in different colors,…