Sport shoes
It is difficult to imagine that a few centuries ago people wore rough and primitive shoes, which did not even have differences for the right and left legs. Now everything…

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Types of sports shoes.
SPORTS SHOES, depending on the destination, is divided into several categories. Now you can buy sports shoes not only through the Internet, but also in any sportswear store. What types…

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Cleats: varieties, forms, manufacturing companies
“Pamps”, “diggers”, “bumps”, “cops” - do these names tell you anything? That's right, this is sports shoes, which acquired the name of boots, without them it would not have been…

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Key ASICS Technologies

ASICS has become one of the most famous and popular “tech running brands” in the last 15 years, offering a huge assortment of shoes for all types of runners. Asics develops and upgrades shoes for all types of runners, based on its proprietary GEL technology, which provides excellent shock absorption and soft landing on hard surfaces.

Gel (Gel), perhaps the most famous technology created by the Asics brand. Almost all Asics sneakers have Gel technology as one of the features.

Gel – silicone from a combination of bound inert polymers. The gel blocks are inserted in the area of ​​the highest midsole load – under the heel and the metatarsus – and each of them contributes to the cushioning of Asics sneakers.

Unlike many other manufacturers of running shoes that fill the foam of running shoes with air to make them lighter, ASICS uses Kevlar fibers in Flytefoam ™. They strengthen the foam and do not reduce its life, like air. A foam that works better and retains its qualities longer.

Lightweight foam not only allows you to run faster. A special structure was developed to ensure reactivity of the course – during the run, most of the shock is absorbed, but additional energy returns when your foot comes off the ground, giving your step a little springback.


Reduces the load on the foot caused by excessive pronation (when the heel falls inward at the end of the step) and supports the foot for a more comfortable run.
A solid foam insert is placed on the inner wall of the midsole. It prevents the deflection of the heel inward, which occurs at the end of the step cycle.

Pronation is the rotation of the heel inward, caused by pressure on the arch of the foot in the process of rolling over the surface. This is an absolutely natural movement.

Guidance line

Increases running performance by reducing the imbalance caused by the displacement of the center of pressure.

A vertical groove runs through the entire sole from heel to toe. Thus, regardless of whether you land or push off, the center of pressure is concentrated in these grooves.

Improves bounce by 20%. This increases the running efficiency by transferring the energy absorbed by hitting the ground to the next step.
Spevafoam is made from a mixture of E.V.A. and rubber, it uses the virtues of both materials. They have various dynamic qualities that can be used in various forms and located in different parts of the midsole.

The traditionally used EVA foam has certain cushioning and rebound properties that complement each other. SpEVA material retains cushioning properties, but has an increased rebound due to the addition of rubber. This allows you to create high-performance sneakers.

TRUSSTIC ™ technology has been developed to improve shoe resistance by preventing excessive twisting of shoes.

HEEL CLUTCHING SYSTEM ™ Improves the fit between the shoe and the heel, limiting its movement. This “interlocking” action increases the stability and effectiveness of training.

This is a special molded solid polymer element that fits into the shoe’s heel. Its design has been specially designed to fit the shape and width of a variety of runner heels.

AHAR ™ and AHARPLUS ™ are sole outsole materials with excellent abrasion resistance. They improve the durability of the shoe while maintaining the necessary functions, including grip. Front sponge rubber with good cushioning.

Abrasion resistance has been improved by the introduction of rubber material, which is also used for car tires that require high strength. AHARPLUS acts as the base material for outsole and mixes with reinforcing agents. AHAR ™ has a wear resistance of approximately two times higher, and AHARPLUS ™ is approximately three times higher than conventional rubber. Sponge rubber is more than 50% lighter than conventional rubber.
Abrasion resistance of the outer sole greatly affects the life of the shoe. AHAR ™ and AHARPLUS ™ have been developed based on a concept that helps reduce environmental pollution by extending product life using wear-resistant sole materials. Wear resistance of the sole of the sneakers is a necessary condition for their long-term use.

Asics has a huge fan base thanks to
Many years of experience and product reliability based on the well-known NIMBUS, CUMULUS, KAYANO and GT sneaker ranges are all excellent models.

On the shelves of our store you can find all kinds of models of Asics sneakers at an affordable price. Choose only professional and high-quality shoes!

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