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Trekking shoes: types, purpose, forms, choice

Trekking sneakers

Trekking sneakers are designed for easy forest or mountain trails, without a backpack or with a small load. For example, a person takes a small one-day walk to get acquainted with the beauty of the environment. In the evening, the traveler goes back to the hotel. With such a tourist can take no more than two kilograms of food and necessary things. Therefore, the level of load on the ankles is relatively low. If you travel in this way, then you can easily do with low trekking sneakers. They are light in weight and protect legs from excessive fatigue.

For some experienced tourists with a trained ankle, trekking sneakers can be used for a longer look. With their help, it is possible to overcome more serious distances in one day. But we must not forget that such shoes can only be used for simple routes. The mountainous difficult terrain will create problems and danger to the legs.

You should not confuse between a trekking shoe and a trail-running shoe. The latter have recently been presented on the shelves of our stores. This is a kind of sports shoes designed for jogging in nature. They can also be used during a simple hike, but compared to traditional trekking shoes, they wear out quite quickly.

Light trekking boots

These shoes will be designed for long trips. Suitable for a country road, trail, and a simple route in rough terrain. The boot is of medium height. If tightly laced, provides a moderate level of support for the ankle. Thanks to this, it is possible to reduce the risk of ankle dislocation while walking on uneven surfaces and with a heavy load. These shoes are quite light, the sole is flexible. So it is possible to achieve maximum comfort while walking. Compared to running shoes, they provide a higher level of protection against dirt and other debris.

These shoes can be used during a day out. Suitable for a person far from sport, whose ankles are rather weak and need additional insurance.

The top of the boots is only partially made of leather, as fabric inserts prevail there. With this feature, it is possible to reduce weight and cost. Some manufacturers equip shoes with a ventilated mesh. But such a model is suitable for warm areas, because if shoes get into the water, it will instantly get wet.

Mountain boots

These shoes are designed for difficult routes that pass the trail. Due to its features, it is suitable for steep slopes, tangled roots, stone screes. These shoes have a lot of weight, which is bad for the stamina of a tourist. But the rigid structure allows you to provide comfortable conditions for walking on uneven surfaces and protect your legs from damage, dislocation and slipping. If necessary, shoes can be converted without any problems to simple climbing tasks.

The top of the shoe is made of a thick layer of leather or nubuck. Here you can find the option of a solid piece of leather or using parts. Latest shoes will have a lower cost. The use of synthetic additives for the manufacture also helps to save. Now you know everything about trekking shoes and you can make the right choice.

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