Sport shoes
It is difficult to imagine that a few centuries ago people wore rough and primitive shoes, which did not even have differences for the right and left legs. Now everything…

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Vans Donut Print Footwear Sneakers
Hip-hop team Odd Future has joined forces with the skate brand Vans, and as a result, we have stylish, cool sneakers, the future owners of which can only be envied.…

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Psychologists about men's shoes: buy him sneakers or shoes?
True, it is interesting to guess the habits and characteristics of the character of men from the appearance of shoes alone ?! What secrets does men's shoes hide? We do…

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Nike – a global brand of sports shoes

In the middle of the last century, this brand began to exist and at that time Nike was engaged in the supply of sports goods from Japan. Thanks to the proper organization and close-knit team, this company soon began the full-fledged production of now its shoes.

Currently, Nike has 55 branches around the world with more than 30,000 employees.

Nike shoes are made mainly for professional athletes, so the company’s priority is the quality, reliability and convenience of the products. The correct position of the foot and the planting of the sole is a mandatory requirement for all products.

Thanks to its unusual properties and unique manufacturing technologies, Nike sneakers allow athletes using it not only to feel comfort and convenience, but also to increase their physical performance

The production uses the best and highest quality materials – mainly suede and leather. Well, the technology that Nike uses in the manufacture of its shoes deserves special attention

Nike air
Personal brand technology developed at the end of the last century, involving the installation of a gas cushion in the sole of the sneakers, which increases the shock absorption of shoes

Tubular air
If the name of the technology has the word Air, then the shoe must have a gas cushion. In this line of gas pads there are two, and they are located on the sides of the foot, improving its stability

Nike Air Max sneakers
Serious features of these sneakers do not differ, if you do not take into account the increased gas cushion in volume, which further increases the cushioning characteristics. Thanks to the convenience and original design, Air Max has become a hallmark of the company

Zoom air
The technology also includes the use of a gas cushion, but this time it has unusual characteristics built for use on a hard surface, often by basketball players in gyms.

Nike shox
Based on the name, it can be understood that this type of shoe is aimed at reducing the load on the foot while increasing physical activity. High cushioning makes it easier to cope with recoil while walking or running

Nike free
As in the past case, the essence of the technology of this type of shoe can be understood from the name. Nike Free provides a unique opportunity – to practically not feel the sneakers on the foot and walk barefoot. Although in this case, the company pays great attention to the cushioning characteristics and safety of the legs.

Dynamic support
Instead of the gas pillow usual in the Air line, a special foam is used here, which, thanks to its multifunctional properties, provides complete comfort of the foot in sneakers.

Diamond flx
An example of the highest quality products manufactured by Nike. The part of the sneaker that suffers the most when walking – the sole has increased strength and can even bend in all directions

If we talk about the main product line from Nike, then it will suit absolutely everyone, and even the most picky connoisseurs will be able to find shoes to taste. In addition, despite the individual model lines and lines positioned in a certain category, Nike shoes are practical and, regardless of the series, will suit any situation. Nike Roshe Run is a good example. Thanks to its name (Run), consumers first positioned them as purely running sneakers, although they served other purposes.

The focus of Nike shoe lines on certain parameters – running, walking, various sports – is not the only feature of the brand. Nike pays great attention to a variety of styles and designs. The Huarache model is designed in the classical style of the end of the last century, which makes it a subject of adoration for some fashion gates. But Nike never departs from the present and the priority in high technologies for the production of shoes – the design of this model is the only thing that recalls the past. All other characteristics remain on par with other modern sneakers of this company

Nike Air Force has been on the market for about 30 years and during this time has gained great fame. At first, this model was produced for basketball players, since it (for the first time) used a gas cushion and sneakers significantly increased the effectiveness of the players. Soon, due to the appearance and good performance, Air Forse gained demand from a wide range of customers. At the moment, this model is still at its peak of popularity.

Nike shoes are the best global brand of sports shoes in terms of comfort and quality. Due to its “breathing” structure, the material for making sneakers is not so important when buying, since any model will satisfy all your wishes. Although there are also no questions regarding the choice of products – at the moment, Nike produces thousands of different models from hundreds of shoe lines, with a variety of characteristics and design. High cushioning characteristics, increased durability and product quality, as well as the original Nike design will not leave anyone indifferent!

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