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How to find the best sports shoes?

Is sports shoes versatile? Depending on what kind of sport a person is involved in, certain models of sports shoes are selected for him. The design of the shoe and the materials from which it is made depend on the sport. Before you go to the store for sports shoes, clearly define for yourself what exactly you will use them for. Maybe for running or floorball, or maybe for ordinary physical education? Each case has its own characteristics, which we will discuss later.

Sports shoes for regular exercise or fitness

Sneakers for regular physical education or fitness should be universal. This means that the foot should be well fixed in them, but at the same time they should not be very high. Pay attention to the presence of an air cushion under the heel, which should be present in universal sneakers.

FloorballMarket recommends Salming shoes: Speed ​​6, EnRoute, EnRoute2, Greyhound.

Sneakers for walking on rough terrain.

In this case, we look at the sole, which should be corrugated for better traction. Despite the fact that the ankle joint must be firmly fixed in such sneakers, the top of such shoes should be soft. To fix the ankle joint, these sneakers have a high lacing.

FloorballMarket recommends Salming shoes: Trail 4, Trail 5, OT Comp.

Running shoes (sprinter, styer, marathon)

A distinctive feature of such sneakers should be their lightness, almost weightlessness. An elastic sole with air cushions for the heel and toe helps to soften the load when running. The sole should not be smooth, but not too corrugated, as this will increase the weight of the sneakers. At the same time, such shoes should be moisture resistant. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that you can run on a flat asphalt surface, but also on an uneven ground surface.

For the first option, special “asphalt” sneakers have been developed that are equipped with elements for excellent cushioning.

FloorballMarket recommends Salming shoes: Speed ​​6, EnRoute, Miles, Race 7.

For running on the ground, trail sneakers are chosen, the sole of which has good protectors, but the depreciation of such shoes is low.

FloorballMarket recommends Salming shoes: Trail 4, Trail 5.

You cannot replace one type of running shoe with another, because the wrong choice of sports shoes for running can lead to injuries, pain in the knees, spine, and, well, corns, of course.

Shoes for various sports

Aerobics shoes are high, and this is no coincidence. Good fixation of the ankle joint will prevent it from being injured. With such exercises, the forefoot is most often involved. Shocks are softened by an air cushion just in this area.

FloorballMarket recommends Salming shoes: Miles, EnRoute, Speed ​​6.

Handball and Squash Shoes

Shoe models here imply a snug fit of shoe fabrics to the foot. Such sneakers should be made exclusively of natural and high-tech fabrics, which in the process of wearing take on each person’s unique foot shape. The strong back of such sneakers should protect the player’s heel from sudden movements. Almost the entire line of soles for such shoes consists of a special wear-resistant material – adiprene. The protector of sneakers for handball or tennis should have a barrel-shaped or continuous corrugated pattern with a shallow tread depth to prevent slipping and holding the legs with maximum fit to the cover.

A wide toe of shoes and a protruding side support are needed in shoes for tennis and handball, a system to prevent ankle sprains (hard plastic insert), as well as a high level of cushioning – these are the most important points in choosing sneakers for indoor playing sports. Sneaker fabrics for tennis or handball can be natural and in no way inferior to them – artificial. In addition, synthetics are more durable, which is important in such a sport.

FloorballMarket recommends Salming sneakers: Viper 5, Kobra, Kobra 2, Kobra MID, Hawk, Falco, Adder.

Floorball Shoes

In specialized floorball shoes, the legs will be stable during lateral displacements, as well as protected from the effects of shock loads during jumping. Since floorball can be played in indoor halls and on the street, the outsole needs to be selected accordingly: soft outsole – for indoor areas with artificial surface, hard outsole with good protectors – for outdoor play.

We recommend choosing sneakers for this kind of sport with a combination of natural and artificial materials.

It must be said that floorball sneakers are high, medium and low. Ideal for beginners and non-professionals – high sneakers, medium ones lose to them in safety. Helps fix the ankle system of laces and Velcro. The heel is held by a hard back, and intense side bends are always comfortable with a wide protrusion of the sole and side calipers on the outside of the shoe.

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Sport shoes
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