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How to distinguish original sportswear and shoes from fakes

If you prefer to lead a sporty lifestyle or simply appreciate the maximum convenience and comfort in clothes, then in your wardrobe there will definitely be a pair of sneakers, olympics and t-shirts. But did you have to take a closer look at these things and determine whether all of them are really “real firms” or are there fakes? In fact, in order to understand which thing is original, you must have reliable information.

Those who engage in fake haute couture are becoming more sophisticated in their attempts to repeat the success of others, and every day the quality of their products is higher. Nowadays, no one is safe from fake things. They can be purchased both in clothing markets, in non-specialized department stores, and even in cool boutiques whose owners are not conscientious, but strive only for personal gain.

But still a fake thing is easy to determine. First of all, pay attention to the logo. Most often, it is written with spelling errors. For example, the brand name NIKE will be depicted as NAIKE, and instead of REEBOK, REEBUK or REBEK flaunts. But these ridiculous mistakes are not accidental, as it may seem. They are created intentionally in an attempt to mislead an inattentive buyer who has heard about a high-profile brand, but may not know how to spell it correctly.

A specialist can identify the original sneakers by a label sewn to the tongue or by accessories, as well as by other points known only to the professional. It is more difficult for an ordinary buyer to do this. Information is the main thing to arm yourself before buying branded sports shoes.

Fakes often have sloppy edges and crooked stitches. Also be sure to look for information on the labels and preferably in Russian or Ukrainian. The composition of the material, size range, and recommendations for care should be indicated. If this information is missing, for example, you did not find care instructions, the composition of the material is not indicated, or there is absolutely no information, this is definitely a fake.

Next, we suggest you inspect the clothes from the inside. Counterfeit can be made of low-quality fabric, which sheds after the first wash. If you come across a particularly rude fake, it could very well paint your hands even to the touch. Counterfeit issue uneven seams, fragile threads hanging at the ends of the lines. From the side of the accessories, “surprises” are also provided – it either breaks or catches with uneven edges.

It is very important to understand that fake is very dangerous for your health. In its production toxic paints are often used, which in turn cause severe allergic reactions. And unprofessional lines, seams and accessories can reduce to nothing not only the pleasure of sports, but also become the cause of an unfortunate defeat in the game.

Next, dwell on the shoes. She, unlike fake tracksuits, which will not bring serious harm to health, can be very dangerous. Indeed, during an active pastime, whether it is a game of football, basketball or just a morning run, only branded sports shoes are able to provide effective ankle safety. Self-respecting companies have been working on technology for years. Sneakers are sewn so that the leg feels free in them and at the same time is securely fixed in order to exclude the possibility of sprains, dislocations and fractures.

For this reason, when making a purchase, be sure to place the sneaker with the toe on a hard surface (for example, on the table), then press gently on the heel with your hand. If you have an original model in front of you, then you will notice how her toe is wrinkled a little, but the entire shoe body remains in the same position. All fake sports shoes are very soft and flexible. Jogging in such sneakers is quite dangerous, since everything can end in sad consequences.

There is another way to identify fake shoes – take a look at the sewn-in tag. The manufacturer who released this model should leave its code there. If he is absent, you should refrain from buying a “nameless” thing.

However, it is extremely difficult to determine some fakes without the help of a specialist. Sometimes a separate delivery of goods and labels is practiced. Very often this happens at different times, and immediately before the sale of the goods, labels are sewn onto the clothes. It should be noted that this is done very skillfully, and it is not always possible to notice a catch. The most elementary thing that you can determine yourself is the inaccurate application of logos.

However, the science of defining a fake and an original is not so complicated. Simply follow the simple instructions and be attentive to the little things. Neatly sewn tags, a straight seam, no stains of glue (especially dried drops) and “burrs” – the original sneakers should correspond to this minimum. And the most important indicator of the originality of a model is its price. You understand, the products of a well-known brand can not be too cheap.

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