Kendrick Lamar Final Red and Blue Reebok
At last! Today Reebok announced that it is starting a new collaboration with renowned rapper Kendrick Lamar. The mini-collection as part of the collaboration will be called “Red and Blue”.…

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10 FACTS ABOUT SHOES. Did you know that ...?
Sneakers, or so-called sneakers, have become a necessary part of our life, and for a long time not only sports. Especially after designers and stylists around the world entered into…

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Types of sports shoes.
SPORTS SHOES, depending on the destination, is divided into several categories. Now you can buy sports shoes not only through the Internet, but also in any sportswear store. What types…

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Cleats: varieties, forms, manufacturing companies

“Pamps”, “diggers”, “bumps”, “cops” – do these names tell you anything? That’s right, this is sports shoes, which acquired the name of boots, without them it would not have been possible to play the famous football. For players, this is not just another pair of shoes, it is a weapon that, one way or another, will lead to success and a victorious podium.

Football boots are a huge step in sports. These shoes are made for football: the true meaning of these words can only be realized by a true fan of big sport, who cannot imagine his life without training and physical exertion, and in no case can refuse the pleasure of just “chasing the ball”. Ignoring the fact that football boots in many respects resemble modern sneakers, for example, for banal, for example, running (many years ago they were more distinguishable by external signs), this shoe is arranged completely differently.

Nike Football Boots

Nike is one of the trendsetters in the field of sports shoes and apparel. The company dictates its requirements for design, technology and, of course, quality. For a football player, the main thing is to feel maximum comfort, speed and maneuverability – this is what Nike product manufacturers are doing. The uniform effectively fulfills the assigned tasks, solves the problems that arise before the player in a tournament or in a regular training session.

All modern models of Nike boots are very popular in the world of sports, in no way inferior to such famous brands as Adidas or Puma.

Nike and their technology

Nike Air – Air cushioning. An elementary simple system that, despite the limitations of the invention (namely, 20 years ago), still does not give up its position today.

Nike Zoom Air – Advanced cushioning system with 3D fiber, which provides the player with excellent stability.

Nike Shox – The most important technology that is responsible for the safety of the player on the field and reduces the risk of injury. Provides protection, cushioning, consumes and reorganizes energy as quickly as possible.

Nike Flyknit – At the base of the boots there are no seams, layers and glued inserts. The entire upper part is woven from a massive synthetic thread, with the help of it the athlete’s leg is not rubbed, there is no feeling of fatigue, and sensitivity, elasticity is manifested.

At Nike, there are only five main series of boots

I. Mercurial – the first boots with reduced weight. One of the first models appeared back in the 90s. They were made not of artificial, but of synthetic leather! Synthetic leather is the development of Nike’s great manufacturers – a low-maintenance material that is resistant to moisture.

II. Total 90 – this category is designed specifically for long-distance innings and stability, which is why such boots are the choice of football players and goalkeepers. In the production of this particular series, a special structure is used, which is suitable for a wide foot, and exclusively genuine leather.

III. Tiempo – a series created by the classic Nike templates. The latest models of the current series are equipped with a carbon sole, it is reliable and lightweight.

IV. CTR360 – this group of boots has a narrow specialization. These boots are chosen by many midfielders who are often tasked with taking the ball, analyzing this situation and calmly giving a smooth but perfectly accurate pass. For these actions, protrusions or “pads” are located on the surface of the shoe, thanks to which the athlete can accept the supply of any force.

V. Nike5 is a category designed for playing on hard surfaces. This shoe format was specially created for players keen on games in the “cage”. For the sake of saving such football players from ankle dislocation, the Nike5 series was developed.

Each model of football boots has its own story. A story inspired by the feat or achievement of famous football players, athletes and just athletes and many others. They are created during training, on the streets or just during games. Maximum effort has been invested in these boots, and all so that athletes can show themselves at 100% during matches.

Just do it!

Nike, without a doubt, is an illustrious company. The huge demand for the well-known Nike products once again proves that their innovations and a new collection are available to everyone and everyone who is crazy about physical activity and has views on the future in the sport. That is why you can order from us and without problems buy high-quality boots or nike sneakers, whether they are for a sports field, for a morning run or just for a gym. And thanks to the established relations with the manufacturer, we constantly replenish our assortment with new collections and models.

In football, the majority determines the plan of action and professionalism. But in turn, it is difficult to reconsider the need for specialized shoes, which greatly helps in achieving and improving results. Good boots guarantee every successful game!

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