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Popular models of sports shoes in the catalog of men’s sneakers

Sports shoes are without a doubt the most popular type of shoes that men have in their wardrobe. If manufacturers originally conceived sneakers and sneakers just to wear them with a tracksuit to the gym, today everything has changed. Sports shoes increasingly began to be combined with different styles of clothing. It will not be a surprise for anyone to see an office worker in an elegant suit with sneakers on his feet.

A variety of men’s sports shoes
Considering the range of sports shoes, you can pay attention to the fact that today it is available in 4 popular types:

Sneakers. One of the most popular sports shoes. The catalog of men’s sneakers offers a wide variety of different shapes and colors. Many trading brands are constantly releasing all new models, which in a matter of minutes find their fans. The most popular models of sneakers consist of their ergonomic rubber sole and a very dense, sometimes even massive top. The most popular are leather and textile sneakers. Such models have lightness, breathability and durability. Depending on where the sneakers will be shoeed, in the store you can buy models for jogging, exercising in the gym or walking.Sneakers are an equally popular type of sports shoes, which is characterized by a flat sole made of rubber and a smooth upper made of fabric. It is sneakers that are considered the most successful addition to an office outfit. They are always convenient and comfortable, and in the modern assortment you can buy sneakers in completely different colors.
Sneakers. These are modern street style sports shoes. This is something between sneakers and sneakers. They are more massive than sneakers, but you can’t play sports like in sneakers.
Cleats. These shoes can only be used for sports. In the assortment you can find various unusual colors that can not be combined even with everyday things.
In order to choose a suitable pair of sports shoes, you should definitely decide where exactly it will need to be shoeed. For the gym, it is better to give preference to sneakers, for walking around the city you should choose sneakers, but for the office, gym shoes are also suitable. But in any case, it is better to rely on your taste and the style of clothing that prevails in the wardrobe.

If you put next to the original sneakers and fake – you will certainly see the differences. The fake copies the model’s shape and color, and the manufacturer uses completely different materials, not only in the main part of the product, but also in the insert at the place of lacing, and also in the upper and inner parts of the shoe.

Also a prerequisite for original shoes is a box. It is by packaging that most often it is possible to recognize a fake. If the box is missing, there is reason for doubt.

Then check the presence of compressed air chambers in the sole of the shoe. This is perhaps the most difficult point in checking the product for originality. For example, Nike sneakers use the well-known Air system. Other companies use different, but somewhat similar technologies, but the names of such systems differ. To check the air chambers, they will have to be cut. This is the whole complexity of the test, because only merciless sneakers can be treated so ruthlessly. For reference: in the original sneakers, air chambers burst with a characteristic pop, because the air is under pressure.

Also, do not look for sneakers made in Germany, the USA, England, etc., because most of the factories are concentrated in Asian countries. This is explained quite simply, there is a very low cost per unit of production, but, despite this, in all factories the quality control is the same regardless of brand. If you bought Nike sneakers, which says “Made in China” – do not worry, all the original shoes made by this company in its history have the same inscription.

As a general rule, sneakers are worth buying only in trusted locations. Do not chase the low price, as the result of such a purchase will most often disappoint you too quickly. You can always find out about the price level for a particular product on the websites of official manufacturers. In addition, do not forget to see the colors of the models that were released at one time or another.

In order not to have to pay twice, you need to remember a simple rule: buy things only in company stores. And a striking example of reliability in the originality of sportswear, shoes and accessories can serve as an online store “Kyivsport”.

Kyivsport online store is a unique opportunity to purchase branded sports equipment from leading manufacturers. And it doesn’t matter where you live: in any corner of Ukraine and even the CIS you can buy really real Nike sneakers, Adidas studs, Reebok boots, Puma t-shirts, sweatpants and shorts from Jordan, Fila balls, Cona sneakers as well as products of New Balance, Asics, Supra, K1X, T-Mac, Mizuno.

Kyivsport online store is a full-fledged sales representative of these and other recognized brands in the world, which gives us legal reasons to offer our customers the best sportswear and shoes, the most current collections, which use the most advanced technological developments. An important advantage of working with us is the ability to order rare models directly from American and European stores.

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