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Running shoes. How to choose?

When choosing a running shoe, first of all, it is worth deciding on what surface you will run on and at what distance. Also, for the right choice, your weight is important and of course pronation!

Mizuno Wave Rider 13 T-training models have a wider profile and are focused mainly on protecting the athlete from injuries, while competitive models are created to show the best result.
It is important to know that when training in sneakers designed for competitions, you increase the chance of injury! No matter how soft and comfortable they seem to you, the thickness of their tread is not enough to systematically absorb the shock load.

For athletes with hyperpronation, Mizuno offers shoes that restrict movement, correcting, with the help of arch support and foot support, pronation and bringing it closer to normal (Control category). Thus, the risk of injury during the setting of the foot and repulsion is reduced, which ultimately will undoubtedly affect endurance.

A footwear for runners with hypoprony makes up for the lack of cushioning inherent in such biomechanics (Neutral category). Thanks to technological inserts working on softening, the runner’s musculoskeletal system will not be exposed to such strong negative shock loads that arise during running.

For people with moderate (neutral) pronation, it is proposed to turn their eyes to the “Support” category. The support inside the shoe will warn the foot against excessive flattening of the foot, during the period of maximum shock load.

With portgens with a body weight of more than 85 kg (for women 65 kg) it is worth paying more attention to the Maximum series. The maximum tread thickness will create sufficient protection for your musculoskeletal system. These technology-laden models are designed to save you from increased wear on your joints and excessive strain on your ligaments and tendons.

Moderate Series for middleweight runners. The thinner sole of the sneaker explains their lower weight. The vast majority of athletes should opt for this category. In fact, this category meets all the requirements for professional running shoes.

The category “Perfomance” its purpose – pace training and half marathon. As training shoes for volume jogging, this shoe is suitable only for very light athletes or professionals with effective biomechanics of running.

Racing sneakers are designed for competition. Their appointment is a marathon. As light as possible, they allow you to “remove” the extra hundred grams from your feet for the best result.

Sneakers “Trail” – designed specifically for cross-country running. They have a more aggressive tread and excellently cling to any surface. The mesh is denser, and the shoe itself is a bit tougher than the models for asphalt. Slightly stiff soles will be compensated by the softness of the soil.

For running on a treadmill, the principle of choosing sneakers is the same as for asphalt. The only difference is that the requirements for shoes are not so stringent. The track, unlike the asphalt, itself depreciates a little, therefore it will not be critical if shoes from the series are chosen for it, say “Moderate” although the category “Maximum” corresponds to your weight

Look at the table by which you can choose for yourself those sneakers that you really need!

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