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How to distinguish genuine Nike sneakers from fake

Nike is considered one of the most popular and sought after sportswear brands. That is why many scammers are trying to fake products of the eminent manufacturer.

If you are not careful and inattentively study the features of the shoes you buy, there is a chance of becoming the owner of a low-quality fake. There are some ways in which you can distinguish original shoes from low-quality replicas.

If you decide to buy shoes online

You should be especially careful when shopping on the Internet. When buying online, you can fall for the ploy of an unscrupulous seller.

To avoid this, follow these rules:

• read as many reviews as possible, read customer reviews before making a purchase. If a lot of bad reviews are written about the seller, you should be wary. Also, caution should be given to those stores about which there is not a single bad review. Do not limit yourself to one site, collect information from as many sources as possible. So you can find out where to buy the original Nike sneakers.

• You should make sure in advance that the site provides for the possibility of returning goods. If the quality of the product did not satisfy you, you can always return it back and get your money back. So you protect yourself even if you get a fake.

You cannot buy goods from a seller, which is limited to advertising “Nike” instead of real photos of the goods. In the picture, everything always looks more attractive. But so you can not evaluate the true level of quality. If the photos are real, then you can be sure that the store offers a really high-quality product.

You can also always go to the store directly and request to take some photos of the model you like. You can always set your own terms that would prove the authenticity of the picture taken.

Genuine Nike shoes are presented exclusively in the American dimensional grid.

Carefully read the full list of store products. In most cases, scammers do not distribute ninth size and do not offer shoes larger than 13.

If you see that the store sells last year’s model of sneakers and at the same time offers a full size range, it is worth doubting. You are probably offered a fake.

Price of original shoes

You have to pay for quality. This is a well-known axiom that will always be relevant. If you are offered cheap shoes under the Nike brand, then at best it is an original with defects. But in most cases, they sell you a cheap fake.

• If the price of shoes is half that of the official, then the product is definitely fake. Small discounts are acceptable, especially in the case of older models or a limited edition.

• Initially, the seller set a high price, but in the end, after the auction, he is ready to give shoes for a penny. You are persuaded to buy a bad product.

• Be sure to double-check the delivery time. More than seven days are goods from China.

• When buying goods on the Internet, give preference to the official website or at least to the distributor, information about which can be found on the Nike website.

Payment after fact and new models

If you see a model that has not yet officially gone on sale, in no case try to buy it. In most cases, fraudsters quickly make a fake based on photos posted on the Internet.

The authenticity of shoes can be checked in several ways:

• Quality of packaging. “Nike” take care of the presentability of its product;

• Original shoes are free from defects;

• Original shoes will always be perfectly laced;

• Check the label. In the original label you will not find a single mistake;

• Original shoes will be fully consistent with the declared size.

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